Kopi O

Kopi O is special in color, flavor and taste, thanks to its special roasting technique and recipe that includes margarine and sugar as ingredients. It has been long enjoyed by the locals and also is popular among coffee lovers in South East Asia. Enjoy your first cup and you will fall in love with it.

Sai Kee Coffee Bag offers the same aromatic brew of Kopi O anywhere and anytime without compromising the original taste. Its smooth taste and rich flavor means being refreshed always!

Coffee Bag 100
100 sachets in an air-tight plastic container. Very popular among our loyal customers for home br..
Coffee Bag 100 P
As the refill pack for the Coffee Bag 100, it is cheaper and saves you additional $ 1. Very popul..
Coffee Bag 2 In 1
Just add hot water only into the 2 In 1 for a quick brew. Ideal for traveling or office brewing. ..
Coffee Bag 20 Foil
The best flavor is retained when each coffee bag is wrapped in an individual packaging. Quan..
Kopi Elephant Coffee Bag 30
Kopi Elephant Coffee Bag offers the same aromatic brew instantly and conveniently from Malaysia E..
Kopi Elephant 500g
Like Elephants in the jungle, Kopi Elephant stands out among all coffees. It is powerful, bold wi..
Kopi Kampung 500g
Our most popular house blend coffee. It brings you a special flavor, unique taste and outstanding..
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